While Jesus was speaking the disciples wept bitterly. And Jesus wept many tears.

   Then after he had wept, John spoke: 'O master, two things we desire to know. The one is, how it is possible that the messenger of God, who is full of mercy and pity, should have  no pity on reprobates that day, seeing that they are of the same clay as himself? The other is, how is it to be understood that the sword of Michael is heavy as ten hells; then is there more than one hell?' Jesus replied: 'Have ye not heard what David the prophet saith, how that the just shall laugh at the destruction of sinners, and shall deride him with these words, saying: "I saw the man who put his hope in his strength and his riches, and forgot God." Verily, therefore, I say unto you, that Abraham shall deride his father, and Adam all reprobate men: and this shall be because the elect shall rise again so perfect and united to God that they shall not conceive in their minds the smallest thought against his justice; therefore shall each of them demand justice, and above all the messenger of God. As God liveth, in whose presence I stand, though now I weep for
pity of mankind, on that day I shall demand justice without mercy against those who despise my words, and most of all against those who defile my gospel.